Dean of College of Humanities and Administrative Studies
Dr. Abdulrahman bin Suliman Al-Shlash

Based on the vision of Onaizah Colleges, the College of Humanities and Administrative Studies works within the same framework to achieve leadership in private education in humanities, administrative sciences, and community services as part of the strategies of Onaizah Colleges. In this context, the college implements the operational plan and its activities based on several principles, most notably the activities are innovative, effective and cost-efficient. We also seek to reduce errors in the work environment in general and in implementing the activities of the operational plan in particular until we reach Zero errors. The college emphasizes participatory justice to ensure the participation of all departments in the implementation of Onaizah Colleges Strategy. Therefore, the largest members of the boys and girls students from the different departments and units will be involved. Our aspirations for this college are great and ambitious, and it enjoys great interest and support from the colleges' leaders, headed by His Excellency the General Supervisor and his deputy.

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