Terms and conditions for admission to Bachelor's Program

(Graduates of Intermediate Colleges / Post-Secondary Diploma)

  1. To have a high school diploma or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom.
  2. To be of good conduct and behaviour.
  3. It should not have been more than five years since he obtained the Intermediate College Certificate or its equivalent.
  4. The student's average in the Intermediate College Certificate or its equivalent should not be less than "Good".
  5. To successfully pass any test or personal interview that the colleges considers necessary.
  6. To be medically fit.
  7. The student has not been dismissed from any other university or college for a disciplinary term.
  8. To obtain approval to study from his employer if he works in any governmental or private agency.
  9. Submit the required documents specified by the Colleges Admission and Registration Management.
  10. Fill in the registration form.
  11. Fee payment.
  12. Final acceptance depends on the completion of the number specified for opening the specialization by the department.


Program Details
College of Engineering and Information Technology
SpecializationStudy DurationCredit Hours
Cyber Security (Male - Female)4 Years133
Artificial Intelligence (Male - Female)4 Years134
Data Science and Analysis (Male - Female)4 Years136
Electrical Engineering (Male Only)5 Years165
Renewable Energy Engineering (Male Only)5 Years165
Civil Engineering (Male Only)5 Years165
Architecture (Male - Female)5 Years164
Interior Design (Male - Female)4 Years134
College of Humanities and Administrative Studies
SpecializationStudy DurationCredit Hours
Business Administration (Male - Female)4 Years127
Regulations (Law) (Male - Female)4 Years126
Human Resources Administration (Male - Female)4 Years127
Accounting (Male - Female)4 Years127
Psychology (Male - Female)4 Years126