The Community Responsibility Administration believes in the effective impact of giving on the individual himself. Therefore, it strongly encourages faculty members, male and female students, and college employees alike to contribute and participate in various social responsibility activities, as volunteer work undoubtedly reflects the sense of community and the love of giving in the same person.


  1. Suggesting plans for training programs aimed at community service based on studied scientific bases.

  2. Proposing training programs according to the realistic training needs of individuals, and the public, private and charitable sectors.

  3. Participate in the implementation of a set of training programs according to a timetable, as appropriate to the needs of the community, after being approved by the Training Committee in the colleges.

  4. Providing advice and experimental proposals to the relevant authorities in accordance with the applicable regulations.

  5. Providing technical, financial, administrative and economic consultations and related studies for the relevant sectors.

  6. Evaluation of programs offered to beneficiaries.

  7. Permanent and continuous development of training programs in light of the needs and opinions of the target groups.

  8. Evaluating the college's participation in community service and submitting it to the dean of the college.

  9. Hosting Training staff to provide professional development programs in colleges.