The admission and Registration Department is one of the pivotal departments that forms the link between the colleges and the community, between the faculty member and the student, from which the student's scientific life begins and continues to follow him academically until he graduates to contribute to the building of the nation and its advancement with the sciences and skills obtained during his studies; Providing our services while striving to attract the best students, achieve transparency and justice among them during their academic career and contribute effectively to achieving the vision and mission of the colleges, The website of the colleges contains comprehensive information about the colleges, their specialties and admission conditions, while informing the student about the necessary regulations and regulations that he needs during his academic career, such as the study system, tests and other academic systems, The administration is working to accelerate and improve the mechanism of work, accomplish tasks, simplify procedures and shift towards an electronic working environment in accordance with the directives of the wise leadership to shift to the application of the concept of e-government through the unified electronic admission program in colleges, facilitate admissions processes and increase their effectiveness in a way that helps to make the most of the available college seats, and the administration is still making continuous efforts to make the most of modern technologies To facilitate and develop academic processes in a way that serves both the faculty member and the student, while adhering to the highest standards in providing all its services, in an effort to serve these colleges and students in a manner that keeps pace with the aspirations of This giving Homeland.

  • Develop the operational plan in accordance with the strategic plan.

  • Follow up the electronic admission procedures and extract the final admission lists and include them in the academic system.

  • Implementation of transfers and transfers from inside or outside the colleges in accordance with the controls organized for that.

  • Review and save student records according to regulations and regulations.

  • Raising students ' awareness of the rules and regulations of the colleges and their executive rules.

  • Supervising the registration of courses at the beginning of each semester.

  • Participate in raising the number of students expected to be accepted each year with the scientific departments.

  • Issuing University cards for new students in colleges.

  • Participate in holding the graduation ceremony in coordination with the concerned units.

  • Review academic records and ensure that they meet all requirements.

  • Providing academic programs with data (As completion rates-Key performance indicators and statistics).

  • Preparing the annual report of the operational plan including weaknesses, strengths, improvements and necessary recommendations and submitting it to the deputy general supervisor.