Unaiza colleges seek to prepare and qualify students with distinguished personalities academically, behaviorally and professionally with a curriculum based on Islamic principles. Therefore, it is necessary for the colleges to take care of developing talents and discovering creative abilities in accordance with their wishes and their academic, mental and physical potential, which made colleges pay more attention to student activities as part of the educational process, where the colleges are established an independent entity consisting of general management events for student activities within the organizational structure of Various programs that aim to enhance the student's self-confidence and to make students active and effective members of society. 

  • Develop the operational plan in accordance with the strategic plan.

  • Follow up the implementation of the annual operational plan.

  • Identify and supervise extra-curricular activities.

  • Coordinating with the faculties, departments and academic departments to activate activities equally.

  • Preparation of the annual report of the operational plan including weaknesses, strengths, improvements and necessary recommendations and submit it to the general supervisor.