The Self-Monitoring Department was established from the beginning of the establishment of the colleges. To root the principle of self-control among its employees and students, and work to spread this principle among the members of society and its institutions in the region. - To this in the Almighty’s saying: {And know that God knows what is in your souls, so beware of Him}.   
The self-monitoring department aims to promote positive behavior, self-evaluation of performance, and to set a good example for others.    

  • Spreading the culture of self-monitoring among college employees and students.

  • Applying the principle of self-control in all dealings of physical and human faculties.

  • Transferring the faculties' experience in applying the principle of self-regulation to the institutions of the surrounding community.

  • Establishing cooperation and partnership relations with the relevant governmental and private agencies

  • Spreading the culture of self-censorship among college employees and the community surrounding us.

  • Rooting the principle of self-monitoring in all dealings with internal physical and human faculties or with others.

  • Instilling the principle of self-censorship in the hearts of young people.

  • Cooperate with other parties in transferring the experience of applying the principle of self-censorship.