Under the kingdom's vision 2030 The importance of development and quality has increased in higher education institutions, where the goal is no longer to complete the work, but to the degree of its quality, mastery, the extent of the exploitation of resources, the improvement of processes, and raising the value of outputs. In order to achieve this vision, the quality assurance department at Unaiza Al-Ahlia colleges aims to excel nationally in the field of development, quality and accreditation. The department leads the units and programs of the colleges to ensure the achievement of quality and accreditation requirements, provide effective support, development, training and continuous improvement of the quality of its activities, and contribute to obtaining national and international academic accreditation, through the application of local and international quality standards in all academic and administrative processes, contributing to the improvement of the outputs of Educational, Research and service colleges. In order to achieve this, the administration is committed to providing support aimed at enhancing the values of quality, development and continuous improvement in order to achieve the mission of the colleges, and in an effort to become academically accredited colleges in all its programs and adopt a culture of quality in all its operations.



The quality assurance department comes as an umbrella and a main reference for quality assurance processes at Onaizah colleges, and is directly related to the assistant general supervisor for planning()It is also the body responsible for coordinating and organizing academic accreditation projects, both institutional and programmatic. In accordance with the guidelines and standards of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and assessment, Unaiza colleges has prepared a package of tasks and responsibilities assigned to the administration, which are as follows:

  • Institutionalization of all work()Quality assurance and Al()Continuous development of all administrative bodies()And the Academy at all()T.

  • Spreading the culture of quality among the leadership of academic and administrative colleges.

  • Inform all employees()Keep abreast of everything new in the field of quality assurance and accreditation()Mi.

  • Ensuring that the colleges ' programs comply with local and international quality standards.

  • Support in the preparation of regulations, policies and procedures and ensure their consistency with the standards of the National Center for academic assessment and accreditation.

  • Supporting the work of the quality units in the colleges and providing the necessary support to them in coordination with the deans.

  • Identify training needs for quality assurance and academic accreditation.

  • Review and approve reports related to quality assurance and improvement in coordination with the deans of colleges.

  • Support in analyzing the performance indicators of colleges and conducting benchmarking comparisons.

  • Preparing reports on the performance of quality units and academic programs.

  • Supervising academic accreditation projects and acting as a link between steering committees and colleges.

  • Conducting periodic internal reviews of college programs.

  • Communication and coordination with local and international accreditation bodies.

  • Supervising field visits conducted by the ministry and academic accreditation bodies.

  • Preparing annual College Achievement reports.

  • Any other tasks assigned to the administration by the general supervisor.