The Research Center was established at Onaizah Private Colleges in the academic year 1437-1438, to revitalize research work, support theoretical and applied studies, encourage researchers from the faculty members of the colleges to achieve the highest degrees of research creativity, and prepare a group of researchers from among the faculty members and students through providing the necessary capabilities, and providing many administrative, technical and financial services, and the center provides a huge package of research initiatives and encourages all researchers in the colleges to participate in them, and publish their research in high-ranking international scientific journals and conferences, and among the research initiatives put forward by the center and supported and influenced. Thus, in developing the research field in the field of publishing by producing many valuable researches and distinguished publications, such as the Vacations Initiative, the Unaizah Governorate Research Initiative, the joint research initiative between faculty members and students, and contract research. The number of research projects published during the past years since the establishment of the center has reached 300. Research projects in various theoretical and applied fields, most of which are published in highly rated scientific journals (Scopus and ISI - indexed), and some of them were presented at local and international scientific conferences.

The center carries out these activities under the umbrella of the Research Council, and there is a scientific committee for research linked to the council. The center also consists of internal units represented by a director of the center, assistants to the director in the male and female sections, coordinators for the two colleges in the College of Humanities and Administrative Studies and the College of Engineering, coordinators in the female section, and a proofreader, and all of them work according to the organizational structure of the council and the position attached to the general supervisor.


Functions of the Scientific Research Center
  • Spreading the culture of quality in scientific research among researchers in colleges.

  • Focusing on distinguished research projects that represent research priorities determined by the relevant departments, and then submitted to the Council for approval.

  • Organizing communication with research centers outside the faculties, whether in universities or other colleges.

  • Work to secure financial resources to support researchers from within the faculties after the approval of the council and submit them to the person who has the authority to approve their intellectual property.

  • Encouraging researchers and highlighting their efforts according to specific mechanisms.