The development department was established because the colleges felt the importance of active participation in achieving one of the objectives of the kingdom's vision 2030 In order to enhance the professional competence of faculty members and the like, and meet the requirements of local and international education and training evaluation bodies.

The development department aims to develop and improve the performance of faculty members, believing that a faculty member is the cornerstone of the educational process and the main entrance to bring about change, by equipping them with skills, cognitive abilities and behavioral components that enable them to perform their various roles, which the administration cannot achieve without the cooperation of all concerned authorities within the colleges Its activities, which will be positively reflected on the quality of education, the excellence of outputs.


  • Spreading the culture of professional development.

  • Governance of all professional development practices for faculty members and the like.

  • Contribute to the achievement of the University's strategic goals and institutional accreditation standards.

  • Developing the skills and abilities of the teaching staff and the like in the field of teaching, research, innovation and institutional leadership.

  • Enabling faculty members to deal with technical and technological scientific developments.

  • Design and management of professional development programs faculty members and the like.