In light of the acceleration of technical and technological development in the field of social communication technologies, and its great impact in attracting the interest of many groups of societies in the world of different ages, especially children, adolescents, and students of both sexes, and the different behavioral effects it leaves, especially if we know that these means are sinful and harmful, and benefits for people, and that depends on the way they are used, and if they are used by children, adolescents, and youth in a wrong way, then their sin is greater than their benefit, which necessitated the family and society to find a specific mechanism to monitor how it is used and put an end and controls for it, to benefit from it and limit its harm.

And since the family is directly responsible for monitoring and following up on its members, and how they deal with these means, by the parents, it was necessary. The existence of specialized educational community institutions is concerned with this, providing them with educational support and support the advice and guidance they need to correct the behavior of their members.

As universities and colleges in various countries of the world, their role is no longer limited to academic education in various disciplines, but rather their biggest role - in light of the challenges brought about by technological developments in the field of social communication - is centered around soberly building the student's personality, and protecting him from intellectual and behavioral deviation to be able to transfer the scientific expertise he acquires to the community scientifically and practically.

The university and colleges in various countries of the world have their voluntary programs in serving the community in which they are located, putting all their experiences and capabilities to develop general culture, developing some skills, and provide professional, scientific, and educational advice to the institutions and individuals of society.

Onaizah Private Colleges, since their inception, have spared no effort, and have never neglected their pioneering voluntary role in community service. Therefore, since their inception, they have issued the necessary decisions to establish institutions and centers concerned with community service in a voluntary and free manner, including the Family and Social Counseling Center, after having equipped it with what a place supplies and social and psychological specialists are required for both sexes. 

  • Developing the operational plan for the center in line with the strategic plan.

  • Creating the optimal psychological environment for students and members and solving the social and psychological problems they face.

  • Follow up on cases presented to the center and work on diagnosing them and finding appropriate solutions for them.

  • Follow-up cases of students and members who suffer from behavioral disorders or psychological and social conditions.

  • Holding courses, lectures, and meetings to serve stakeholders and the community inside and outside the colleges.

  • Preparing the annual report of the operational plan that includes weaknesses, strengths, and improvements, and submitting it to the Deputy General Supervisor.