The public relations and media department at the colleges is one of the important departments because it is the link between the colleges and their internal audience of administrators, faculty members and students, and it is also a tool to achieve distinguished relations between the colleges administration and the external audience of institutions and other segments of society. Among the tasks carried out by the public relations, media and marketing department at the colleges are the following:


Tasks of the public relations department:
  • Receiving college guests from officials and official delegations.

  • Preparation of visit programs for official delegations.

  • Take over the tasks of organizing events held at the colleges in coordination with the various authorities inside and outside the colleges.

  • Supervising the ceremony of all celebrations attended by His Excellency the general supervisor and his deputy outside the colleges.

  • Follow-up on the affairs related to the arrangements of the authorities for events inside and outside the colleges.

  • Booking halls for college units to hold lectures, meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.

  • Addressing and coordinating with the concerned authorities on such occasions, and preparing the halls for events with their full contents.


Tasks of the media department:
  • Editing college news.

  • Preparing a Daily Press file and following up what is published about the colleges of suggestions or complaints related to the activities of the various colleges in coordination with the concerned departments in the colleges and preparing Press responses.

  • Addressing the visual and read media to cover the events and events that are being held and coordinating with them to make meetings with the officials of the colleges and document them , and coordinating with the units of the various colleges to publish their news in the media.

  • Post college news on social media Twitter.

  • Sending college news to newspapers and media.

  • Addressing the editors-in-chief of local newspapers and satellite channels to cover the events.

  • Preparing a press release for local newspapers and websites about the events.

  • Conducting press coverage of visiting delegations to the colleges.

  • Posting news on the colleges website.

  • Coverage of media events held at colleges.

  • Responding to what is published in the media after coordinating with the relevant authorities.

  • Coordinating with college units to publish paid press announcements in the media.

  • Coordinating with the media to hold meetings with officials at the colleges.

  • Facilitating the task of media professionals and journalists to obtain information related to colleges.

  • Supporting colleges and departments in the media in the implementation of events and conferences.


مTasks of the marketing department:
  • Marketing of the services provided by the colleges to the internal and external audience.

  • Managing marketing offers provided to internal and external audiences through the colleges 'social media accounts and the colleges' website.

  • Management of banners and billboards inside the Colleges campus and in conferences and seminars held at the colleges.

  • Marketing of activities, events and events held at colleges and attracting sponsorship contracts for them.

  • Marketing and raising awareness of the available investments in colleges.