The Postgraduate Studies Administration seeks to build the knowledge economy with academic partnerships through the development of distinguished graduate studies programs in cooperation with distinguished educational universities; in an effort to provide quality specialties that serve the sons and daughters of the region and neighboring regions ,and to establish local and international partnerships to develop scientific research.



The university relations department is interested in supervising and following up all academic matters related to graduate students, starting from their admission to the programs and ending with their completion of the requirements for obtaining a scientific degree to grant them a graduation degree.The university relations department is also directly linked with the general supervisor according to the approved organizational structure, and the department also performs a variety of tasks, most notably:

  • Supervising all the work of the department and following up the employees of the department in everything that is new.

  • Supervising the educational program for postgraduate Affairs , and following up on all the latest Academic Affairs.

  • Participation in the preparation of the ceremony of new students.

  • Follow up all regulations and instructions of the Graduate Studies department and review them quarterly.

  • Preparing an opinion survey form for students and reviewing the proposals submitted by them.

  • Supervising the schedule of final exams and coordinating the Control Committee and the exams committee.


Local cooperation:
Higher diploma programs:

An agreement was signed with Majmaah University to establish a higher diploma program at the headquarters of Unaiza colleges in the history of 1439/11/24E. It is a university educational program within the higher education programs, in which the student studies specialized courses that qualify him for sufficient experience in an advanced manner after obtaining a bachelor's degree. It is worth mentioning that the higher diploma is accredited by the Ministry of education and classified in the Ministry of human resources.


Master's programs:

An agreement was signed with Jeddah University to establish a master's program at the headquarters of Unaiza colleges with the history of 1440/01/23E. A master's degree can make your resume stand out from others, which expands your career horizons, and a master's study is a distinctive way to update your knowledge and field experience, by building new knowledge and skills. The holder of this certificate can make faster progress in his career, he can qualify for a bonus, or apply for a higher, better position in the company for obtaining a master's degree.