Based on the vision of Unaizah college and in order to achieve its mission, which is an environment that stimulates creativity, development and innovation, the work of the technical support department at the college, regardless of its size or activity, is centered on maintaining the functioning of the technical aspects in an optimal manner, addressing obstacles that could negatively affect its performance, managing, maintaining and repairing information technology systems, and its responsibilities include diagnosing and fixing malfunctions and solving problems Technical and installation of hardware and software, among his most important duties:

  • Ensuring the continued functioning of system functions by testing physical and software computer components.

  • Studying the capabilities of the system and the possibility of compatibility of new updates or programs with existing ones.

  • Develop existing programs in line with the objectives and specifications, conduct a review of the proposed changes and propose appropriate recommendations.

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of information to ensure customer confidence.

  • Drafting the operating instructions of the system to be reference materials for users.