Higher Diploma Programs Offered by Majmaah University


Conditions and controls for admission to higher diploma programs:
  1. The applicant must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized University:

    • Higher Diploma in law : The law -Sharia - Rights - Systems.

    • Higher Diploma in cybersecurity: Information technology - Computer science - Computer engineering - Information systems Software engineering - Network engineering.

    • Higher Diploma in family counseling: Sociology - Legal specialties - Psychology - Social service.

  2. To pass any test or personal interview that the university deems appropriate. 

  3. Be of good character and behavior.

  4. Payment of fees.


  • The program is accredited by the Ministry of education and classified in the Ministry of human resources and social development.

  • After graduating from the program, the student is awarded an additional degree in the order of appointment.

  • The language of instruction in the cybersecurity program is English.

  • No program is held for less than (15) Fifteen students and the fees will be refunded to the applicant in case the number is not complete.

  • The study days are Saturday, Sunday and Monday of every week in the evening period and for the duration of the school year.

  • The graduate is given a graduation document including the academic record from Majmaah University.


Program details:
Higher Diploma Programs Offered by Majmaah University
ProgramDownload Study Plan
Human Resources AdministrationStudy Plan
LawStudy Plan
CybersecurityStudy Plan
Family CounsellingStudy Plan
Internal AuditStudy Plan