A leading educational institution contributing to building a knowledge society and achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Providing competitive university education to prepare qualified graduates, enrich research contribution, and provide community services that contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Excellence: Providing distinguished academic programs that meet quality standards and labor market needs and contribute to community development. Justice: Achieving equality in opportunities and fair treatment for everyone. 

Transparency: We are committed to supporting the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability, and disclosure in accordance with best practices. 

Institutional: Establishing a culture of teamwork and team spirit in thinking and behavior to achieve a common vision.

Responsibility: We bear responsibility for all decisions before officials and beneficiaries and carry out the work entrusted to us with complete perfection and a sense of self-censorship. 

Ambition: Our ambition does not stop at what has been achieved and achieved in terms of excellence and quality, but rather we strive towards achieving the best.